Questions and Answers


There are the most frequently asked questions about Acumen produts


  1. How to view Acumen IP camera, DVR or NVR remotely via a web browser? Answer: In order to setup Acumen IP camera, DVR or NVR for remote viewing, please configure your router for port forwarding.
  2. What is the maximum length that video cable can be run from Acumen IP camera to NVR? Answer: The maximum length of cable must be less than 100 meters.
  3. How to install IP, Analogue and mixed systems? Answer: Please download typical CCTV system setup.
  4. What is the difference between free and commercial license of AiM 3.0?
  5. How to connect my iPhone to Acumen IP camera and NVR?
  6. What is 4-in-1 camera series? Answer: 4-in-1 camera series which support HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD video formats.
  7. What is the difference between AiS and AiP products? Answer: AiS is middle-end IP cameras and NVRs, assembled in Shenzhen. AiP is high-end IP cameras and NVRs, assembled in Taipei, Taiwan.
  8. Can AiS and AiP systems be integrated? Answer: AiS and AiP systems use different CMS.
  9. What third-party products does AiM 3.0 support? Answer: Please download AiM 3.0 integrated equipment chart.


If you still have questions, plase describe them in the pop up window to contact with Acumen Customer Support Service.